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2014 Week-1 Dynasty-Fantasy Recap: Lions vs. Giants (9/8/2014)

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 – You know it’s an exciting FF-game analysis when Larry Donnell (5 rec. for 56 yards and 1 TD on 8 targets) leads the show.

You have to kinda-sorta take Donnell semi-seriously for FF-2014 now. Why?

(1) He is starting for NYG.

(2) The TEs below him on the depth chart are terrible (in the pass game).

(3) Eli Manning is awful. Larry Donnell is a jittery NYG QB’s best friend. The one man he can clearly see standing taller than the rest over-the-middle. Eli’s falling apart, and with that, my feeling is he cannot see the field well…and shorter WRs like Cruz-Jernigan-OBJ (If he ever plays) are hard to identify in a blur. Donnell is a big targets to flip it to…and flip it he did in Week-1. Donnell FF-outscored Jimmy Graham in Week-1.

I’m not saying there is a sleeper here. I’m just noting Donnell will have some production all year probably (until Eli is replaced by Nassib). I cannot believe I am writing this. How bad of a franchise have you become NYG?

 –  A couple of below the radar ‘was I right or was I right?’ people to note here from this game, just to stroke my ego…

1) Do you give up yet? Are you ready to tell me I was right about Rueben Randle (2 rec. for 1 yard on 3 targets) all along?

2) I told you Theo Riddick (1 carry for 4 yards) was a complete hoax this summer. Make the beat writers who saw his ‘greatness’ a few months ago email you an apology.

3) We should probably wait for more games to be logged, but come on…Eric Ebron (0 rec. on 2 targets), really? Me saying flat out bust vs. every football analyst in the world telling you next Jimmy Graham or Vernon Davis…I know where you should place that bet.

He almost had a short TD early in this game…it wouldn’t have mattered. It’s inevitable that this will be a shockingly bad high draft pick flop on a Stephen Hill scale…

 – I said Golden Tate (6 rec. for 93 yards on 6 targets) was a radically stupid waste of the exorbitant money that Detroit gave him, but I didn’t say he wouldn’t be an ‘OK’ Fantasy option. The #2 WR on Detroit always has like a ‘Flex’ appeal. This looks a lot like a Nate Burleson stat line on a good day from the prior couple of years.

 – Safety Stevie Brown (9 tackles, 6 solos) looks ‘all the way back’ from injury. He’s a solid option at Safety for IDP.

 –  Check out details on Jerrell Jernigan under our ‘WR projections’ for Week-2, as ‘The WR who could come out of nowhere’.

 – Andre Williams (5 carries for 9 yards) wont get serious touches until this season starts to get out of hand…or when NYG finally admits it has.  

 – No reason to write more about Eli Manning (18-33 for 163 yards, 1 TD/2 INT). I just want to note that I hysterically laugh like a maniac listening to the excuses given by the football commentators as to why Eli is struggling: ‘The new offense is difficult to learn‘.

Hey, does anyone remember when Nick Foles didn’t win the starting QB job last year, and thus worked with the second team…and walked in cold off the bench under a new coach with the complex Chip Kelly offense with all the crazy hand signals, no huddles, etc. without any real time with the starting offense…and then took his team to the playoffs, threw for 29 TD/2 INT (including the playoffs), and had 7 TDs in one game…and almost set an NFL record for efficiency for a season? Man, does that guy suck for picking up that offense so quickly? I’m glad so many commentators point that out this season…it’s like: guys, please stop talking about ‘how great Nick Foles is’ already. Yeah, right…

Eli Manning, veteran QB, too dumb to figure out his new offense, I guess? Isn’t that what we should conclude from their words (not mine)? No love for Foles being a genius…or Mike Glennon last year, at least?

The Eli excuses sicken me when the football media are a bunch of rabid dogs tearing apart Nick Foles, Andy Dalton, Alex Smith (off the top of my head), but Eli, Andrew Luck, Jake Locker, Josh Freeman, Ryan Tannehill are all protected…I have no idea why.

Why is no one screaming ‘PROBLEM’ at the top of their lungs here with Eli in the football media? There isn’t even a peep about him being the problem. Why is there not a raging QB controversy, or a speculation on a QB change…like there was at half-time of the Eagles-Jags game Week-1?

Ryan Nassib, please contact Antone Smith to ask what bad things you’ve had to have done in a previous life to get you put in NFL purgatory.


– R.C. Fischer is an NFL Draft analyst for College Football, and a football projections analyst for Fantasy Football His group also provides player projections for Advanced Sports Logic’s football software “The Machine.” See “The Machine” here: The Machine via FFM

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