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Alert! Alert! Jordan Matthews is now a Fantasy ‘Sleeper’ According To ESPN…

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You can now plan your Dynasty Rookie Drafts and Fantasy Football redrafts accordingly…with the confidence that ESPN has found this diamond in the rough. I just had the news handed to me.

Honestly, I marvel at the football analysis world. Everyone has every stat, invented metrics, tons of game tape, etc. and all 90%+ of mainstream football analysts did was quasi-bash Jordan Matthews during the pre-draft process. Staying quiet on him was a form of bashing in my book. An NFL team with a revolutionary offense, and possibly the best QB from the 2012 NFL Draft (hey, remember when I was saying that in 2012? Bet I won’t get any emails on it now!), was able to add Jordan Matthews is the late 2nd-round of the 2014 NFL Draft. If only some football analyst had the foresight to see this coming…someone flying directly into the headwind of the NFL scouting intelligentsia. Oh, what a day it will be when our messiah comes!

In other 2014 NFL Draft/rookie WR news I saw today…

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Rueben Randle expected to start ahead of Odell Beckham Jr., and Marquise Lee just signed with Jacksonville. Both were selected ahead of Matthews in 2014 NFL Draft…considerably higher…which is an affront to mankind. Oh, I mentioned those two Lee-OBJ headlines because it’s the most exciting things anyone has said about either of their preseason work so far. Yet, Matthews ‘brilliance’ sightings are all over the place in the media. 

You know what’s crazy about that? Besides the fact that I saw it happening five months ago. I can remember watching Jordan Matthews at the Senior Bowl week. Every practice, before and after…I watched Matthews’ work ethic, engagement with the coaches, hand is skills during the workouts…I looked at his amazing SEC numbers. From the stands, I could see he was something special before my computer confirmed it. You know who was coaching Matthews’ Senior Bowl team all week? The Jacksonville Jaguars.

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The Jags got to witness Jordan Matthews and Jimmy Garoppolo up close…and they drafted Marquise Lee and Blake Bortles. With all due respect…actually, that’s a dumb phrase…with total disrespect, I say those two complete football botches are possibly the worst moves any NFL team could have made, personnel-wise, in the 2014 NFL Draft. Jacksonville stays in the dark ages, almost on purpose. Other missed it too, but when you’re that close to something, and cant’ see it…I’m sorry, you’re just not that good at your job.

Why is Ricky Stanzi sitting idle on the Jags, and yet I still believe? Those same people got to spend an unencumbered week with Jordan Matthews and chose Marquise Lee. History will not be kind to what happen to Jacksonville in this draft…just like it has been unkind to them for years. 

Sorry, if you are a Jags fan. Nothing against Lee or Allen Robinson...but they could have had so much more. Who traded up for Matthews in the draft? Super Bowl contenders, and revolutionaries…the Philadelphia Eagles. Who took Jimmy Garoppolo when it wasn’t a pressing need? The vaunted New England Patriots. Who didn’t do either of those things? The Jacksonville Jaguars. Who do you think will be on the right side of history? 

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