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2014 Week 11 Dynasty-Fantasy Recap: Giants vs. 49ers (11/17/2014)

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Five losses in-a-row.

Remember five weeks ago when the world proclaimed the Giants ‘back’? Seven losses now on the season, all but one of them by 10 or more points. With this masterpiece, Eli Manning (22-45 for 280 yards, 1 TD/5 INT) has now thrown for 36 TDs and 38 INTs in the last two seasons combined. There is nary a peep about replacing him nationally. What a Nick Foles or Andy Dalton did to deserve constant attack, while Eli skates along without harsh critique drives me insane about the NFL.

Is it the Super Bowls? I can dig that, but why does the past matter so much for Eli, and not for nearly record-setting 2013 season of Nick Foles…or for three-straight playoff appearances with Andy Dalton? Is it because the Super Bowl trumps all…the Giants back into the playoffs, get on a four-game hot streak, some guy catches a ball against his helmet…and Eli Manning is untouchable for the next decade? In what other industries do we put up with this?

I mean all this angst toward the media’s report or not-reporting on this. Why do they pick and choose with no logic what to sweep under the rug, and what to attack with gusto? All week, all I’ve heard is: “Eli still needs to get comfortable in this offense,” or “Coughlin needs to go.” The owner is even blaming everyone but Eli in a statement this week. Meanwhile, Ryan Nassib sits idle…a potential franchise QB, and I would bet a majority of the national media cannot name the Giants backup if asked. They chanted voodoo curses and made Mark Sanchez into a god to try to take down Foles. But Eli? He just has to be ‘more careful with the ball’. That’s the extent of the criticism.

Fans should defend Eli because they love him…that’s what fans do. However, analysts should call it like they see it. They don’t ‘see it’ apparently. They are not ‘going there’. Why? I have no idea. It’s not fair to fans of other teams who have players get crucified. It’s not fair to Giants’ fans to be coddled into another season of going nowhere but down. Giants fans are probably the most honest about the situation…it’s the rest of the media that is ‘protecting’ Eli. Ryan Nassib will quietly leave in a couple of years, and maybe never get a chance because he has the scarlet letter of ‘backup’ on his figurative chest…all while the franchise goes nowhere with Kobe, I mean Eli spinning the franchise’s wheels because of ‘history’ or ‘a name’.

Put me in charge of Tennessee or Jacksonville or Oakland, and it’s one of the first calls I make: What do you want for Nassib? How could anyone watch the 2014 NFL preseason and go absolutely bananas for a moderate performance by Mark Sanchez, and go totally radio silence on Ryan Nassib…unless they had some agenda?

I’m not saying bench Eli now and forever, but can we even get a small debate going on Ryan Nassib? Of course not. That’s your NFL coverage. The second player that I think you see in the NBC Sunday Night montage of various NFL players/stars during that painful opening song…is Eli Manning. Take a wild guess who is #1 to pop up. We’ll never get fair reporting on this…or anything else for that matter.

 — I have to agree with Colin Cowherd’s assessment, of his secondhand overhear on the matter: Eli is afraid to get hit at this stage, and buckles quickly under pressure…per his inside sources. I buy that premise because he has played good ball at times this year, and then other times he makes throws that are completely bizarre…like no one is even in the area but a defender just sitting there doing nothing. Almost like he bet on the other team. 

The thing with Eli is, after this week with Dallas, which is a good matchup as it is. He plays three of the rock-bottom worst teams in the NFL: JAC-TEN-WAS. His schedule dictates a FF-rally…a FF-usefulness perhaps down the stretch. Enter at your own risk.

 — I said it before, but just to be clear when you do see the JAC-TEN-WAS stretch ahead and think NYG-DST…they have lost a majority of their secondary, and secondary backups, and main linebackers to injury. I wouldn’t touch this defense with Prince Amukamara out. I’d have to be DST desperate. The Giants are the kind of team the horrible teams see as a chance for a win. It’s possible Jacksonville might be a favorite at home against them in Week 13.

 — I said last week if Vernon Davis (1 rec. for 7 yards on 5 targets) couldn’t take advantage of the Giants depleted defensive back-seven, then something is really very, very wrong—physically or mentally or both. Not only was Davis a ghost in this game, but Colin Kaepernick (15-29 for 193 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) flopped in this effort as well.

I’m done with Kaepernick. I’ve never been a fan, and I tried to become a fan as to embrace the new wave of mobile-QBs in the NFL/FF…and all we get is a guy who throws one TD pass a game, and cannot find Vernon Davis in games…the ultimate TE mismatch had just one catch on five targets against 9th-string back-seven guys. Wonderful.   

 — What is everyone’s deal with Rashad Jennings (18 carries for 59 yards, 4 rec. for 8 yards on 7 targets)? Does he have compromising photos of most of the Fantasy GMs across the universe? He’s played six games this year…five of them under 65 yards rushing. yet, he is a non-brainer start for the world every week.

Jennings has two rushing TDs in 109 carries this season. Andre Williams (2 carries for 2 yards, 1 rec. for 4 yards on 2 targets) has 4 rushing TDs in 116 carries this season.

I mean, I get Jennings starts and gets carries…why is he an auto-start, but Jerick McKinnon and Bishop Sankey and Steven Jackson and Tre Mason are more available on waivers then auto-starting for FF-teams.

I’d love to have Jennings’ FF-publicist.

 — IDP Chris Borland (9 tackles, 2 INTs) has 16.0 tackles per game in his first three starts. Keep riding that IDP train. I don’t feel Borland will be a long term 10+ consistent tackle a game guy, because his limited athleticism might force him into being out on 3rd-down/passing downs down the road. He is a quality guy/player, a smart high-effort guy. Hopefully, he can keep this pace up forever, but I’m a skeptic.

 — NYG IDP Jameel McClain (14 tackles, 11 solo) is a great reason why you have to be careful falling into love with high tackle totals. McClain is filling in as a starting ILB last two weeks as well, and has 13.0 tackles per game. High tackle counts, high energy/effort is nice but there are aspects to consider on whether the guy is really going to be sustainable.


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