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2014 Week-4 Dynasty-Fantasy Recap: Redskins vs. Giants (9/25/2014)

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I felt pretty satisfied after this game…and amused. The entire week’s lead-in was a mass football media build up of Kirk Cousins (19-33 for 257 yards, 1 TD/4 INT) as Washington savior, coming off his 400_ yard effort against Philly. I was a lone voice not only saying ‘beware’, but that there was huge trouble with his no-read passes…and flimsy arm-strength. What happened? The Giants jumped several routes, Cousins started falling apart, and then the media afterwards were stunned by their own revelation that “Cousins sure does stare down his receivers a lot.” Where were they the whole week?

I tell you it’s because rare is national media analyst that really is studying these games, and I understand why. It takes a ton of time to study these games, and re-study, and log it all in…and to also then try to have half-a-life outside of football. If I were a multi-millionaire ex-something, I would not spend 15 hours a day watching tape every day, all week…making notes, and never seeing the sunlight. I’d probably watch some highlights, and run with it. No one is ever going to follow up or double-check anyway…just say what everyone else says, and you can all be wrong or right together. Keep the cushy gig as long as you can.

As history always dictates. There are people working tirelessly, passionately in their basements dedicated to defeating the institution some day. The institution is not going to allow it to happen by any means necessary. You were duped on Kirk Cousins because every single football person magically had the same opinion on Cousins…until they didn’t after this game. Some of you were left holding the FF bag on it this week.

 –  Rashad Jennings (13 carries for 55 yards) was everyone’s FF-savior in Week-3, and now you step back after Week-4…and look at a RB who less than 65 yards rushing in three of his four games played this season. Andre Williams (16 carries for 66 yards and 1 TD, 1 target) had more touches in Week-4, but more so because of the blowout that was occurring. You have to believe in Jennings…how many Fantasy RBs are left that you CAN count on?

 – Don’t forget Odell Beckham Jr. (DNP) probably comes back this week. If that means anything to you. I think he steps in and cuts Rueben Randle’s (8 rec. for 89 yards on 10 targets) recent run right in half either Week-5 or 6, and then from then on in. He won’t really effect Victor Cruz (6 rec. for 108 yards on 10 targets). I’m suspicious of Beckham’s abilities…great athlete, but I’ve seen radical up & down as a WR in his college scouting…mostly down. See more detail on that at College Football

 –  Likely you are thinking, “So if Kirk Cousins sucks…what do I do with Pierre Garcon (2 rec. for 28 yards on 6 targets) and/or DeSean Jackson (1 rec. for 9 yards on 4 targets)?” I don’t think you have to panic. Cousins makes safe throws. timing throws…he’ll get the ball to those guys OK. It won’t be as dynamic, but some simple bubble screens and slants…point is they will get touch counts more favorable than not. Cross your fingers, and bite your nails…but they won’t be as bad as Week-4, and they weren’t as good as they were Week-3.

 –  IDP Keenan Robinson (13 tackles, 7 solo, 1 INT, 1 PD) just gives 110% every play. That guy is going to be a solid IDP option for many just because he is around the action so much.

Let’s watch IDP CB David Amerson (8 tackles, 6 solo) as well. With DeAngelo Hall gone, Amerson takes on a bigger role for the team…and he was a play-maker at NC State. He will get tested a bunch ahead.

 – What can I say about Larry Donnell (7 rec. for 54 yards and 3 TDs on 8 targets)? Remember, when Antonio Gates had 3 TDs in Week-2, and everyone went bananas. Check out his numbers since. Teams are going to move to take out Donnell now…and he is not that good, where he will be able to dominate and overcome. He is a ‘sell high’, if you really can trade up at TE…which there are not many options to do such a thing. This is a nice moment for Donnell, it’s not long-term, high-level activity…just useful on and off this year.  


R.C. Fischer is an NFL Draft analyst for College Football, and a football projections analyst for Fantasy Football His group also provides player projections for Advanced Sports Logic’s football software “The Machine.” See “The Machine” here: The Machine via FFM

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