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Deep-Deep Sleeper Feature: Ryan Nassib

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Pro Football Spot asked if I would write about some unconventional, deeper sleeper prospects, which has turned into a five-part mini-series (will be one QB, RB, WR, TE, and a wildcard). None of these names will probably catch any FFM/CFM readers by surprise, but I’ll try to have one zinger in the five for you. 

Here’s the 1st piece if you’d would like to see it: Deep-Deep Sleepers (1 of 5)…Ryan Nassib


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2014 Preseason Week-2 Dynasty-Fantasy Recap: Giants vs. Colts (8/16/2014)

Twitter @FFMetrics I’m enthralled with a couple of ‘Metrics’ guys from this game. Let me save those particular love letters for a moment, and start with some quick hitters:  – Andrew Luck ( 12-18 for 89, 1 TD/0 INT) has looked really smooth this preseason. That’s no shock, but I am on high alert for that […].. Continue reading→


2014 Preseason Week-1 Dynasty-Fantasy Recap: Steelers vs. Giants (8/9/2014)

 Twitter @FFMetrics  – Do my eyes deceive me? Was that really an innovative offense displayed the Pittsburgh Steelers? Todd Haley, you better not be suckering me in with this…only to go back to 80% of all throws going to Antonio Brown (2 rec. for 21 yards on 2 targets). Where do we begin here? The […].. Continue reading→


2014 Hall of Fame Game: Dynasty-Fantasy Football Recap

Twitter @FFMetrics – First off, if there is some new, mystical Giants offensive plan…it wasn’t revealed tonight. However, there were plenty of runs off right tackle, If that’s their new offense…then grab the top four NYG RBs for Fantasy Football 2014.  If the plan is for Eli Manning (6-7 for 43 yards) to complete 70% […].. Continue reading→


2014 Hall of Fame Game Streaming Commentary: Buffalo Bills vs. NY Giants

Twitter @FFMetrics This will be our home base for tonight’s commentary. I’ll also bury a couple of non-NYG/BUF Fantasy-Dynasty nuggets in here just for those joining the party. Refresh/Reload this page at will to get my latest takes on what’s happening in the ‘big’ game. See my HOF game preview of the Dynasty/Fantasy Football things […].. Continue reading→


2014 Hall of Fame Game: What I’m Watching For, Dynasty/Fantasy Football-wise

Twitter @FFMetrics If all my technology connections work: As an added bonus tonight, for those who have no life, like me, that will watch this entire HOF game (I’m doing so while on vacation), or for those who are skipping the game, but have an FF-interest…I will be live commenting throughout this game. More details […].. Continue reading→


If David Wilson is Gone For Good…What’s There Besides Rashad Jennings?

Twitter @FFMetrics I’ve been a David Wilson detractor for the past couple of years. Not that I thought he was a horrible football player, and The Computer thought he was ‘OK’ too, but the Fantasy mainstream had elevated him to such a ‘god’ status to the likes I have not seen since I began studying […].. Continue reading→


Yes, this happened yesterday: A Surreal Bills vs. Giants TV Ad for Hall of Fame Game

Twitter @FFMetrics This, I swear to you, happened yesterday. It is real…but I cannot find a video clip to prove it. You’ll just have to take my word for it. I saw it on TV…it was an ad for the Hall of Fame game this week: New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills. The sound of […].. Continue reading→


Alert! Alert! Jordan Matthews is now a Fantasy ‘Sleeper’ According To ESPN…

Twitter @FFMetrics You can now plan your Dynasty Rookie Drafts and Fantasy Football redrafts accordingly…with the confidence that ESPN has found this diamond in the rough. I just had the news handed to me. Honestly, I marvel at the football analysis world. Everyone has every stat, invented metrics, tons of game tape, etc. and all […].. Continue reading→


My Take on Matthew Berry’s ’100 Fantasy Football Facts’ for the 2014 Preseason (#37-47)

Twitter @FFMetrics *Same preamble as yesterday!* I encourage you to read Matthew Berry’s 100 Fantasy Football Facts for the 2014 Fantasy Football Preseason. His ’100 Facts’ pieces are always well written, well-researched, and are guaranteed to make you think. I know they make you think, because soon after its release, I get a bunch of emails asking what I […].. Continue reading→


Jordan Matthews Initial Impressions From OTAs…

Twitter @FFMetrics Note the mid-section of the article attached (below), discussing the extra work Jordan Matthews is putting in already. That’s what I saw all Senior Bowl week…Jordan Matthews working with NFL Coaches before and after practice, and being a leader of his group.  Also note…suddenly Jordan Matthews is plenty athletic now. Remember, when he […].. Continue reading→


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