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Post-draft, there is always a little lull in football happenings. So when a roto-site or NFL news aggregator picks a random story and shapes it within a 2-4 sentence slanted blurb–it can become a sudden story of epic Fantasy proportion…because we’re all starved for football snacks in May-June. I will comb the latest news and give my quick (or not so quick) take on them daily during the week–over the next few weeks.

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The news that caught my eye the past few days:


– I saw the quick news story on Eli Manning ‘not bothered’ by not getting an extension last season. Eli enters 2015 in a make or break year, most likely.

Eli will be nearly 35 years old this season, and is coming off two losing record seasons and a three-year playoff drought. Since 2008, the Giants had the miracle Super Bowl run of 2011…and no other playoff wins aside from that title run in the past six seasons. The Giants are on the franchise bubble, because all this is win-loss and record concerns are also true about Tom Coughlin’s coaching status. This feels like the make or break season for both Eli and Coughlin. Another losing season, and the Giants brass are likely looking at one big, clean sweep. If the 2015 seasons unravels quickly…you might even see Eli traded mid-year.

If you have a third losing season in-a-row with an aging QB, and you’re planning to ditch your long-time coach for a total, fresh overhaul—do you pay up for said aging, likely very expensive QB as part of your future rebuild? Especially when you have the ultra-talented Ryan Nassib just lying in wait?

You think my preoccupation with Nassib is ‘cute’, and never going to happen (maybe that’s just my own devil on my shoulder), but by Weeks 7-8-9 of 2015, with a 2-5 or 2-6 Giants team, we might find out how ‘cute’ the theory is.

By proclaiming this here, the Giants will sign Eli to a five-year extension for $80M tomorrow.

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 — For about the third time in a month, I’ve seen a David Johnson blurb report with a ‘smarky’ version of ‘While he doesn’t finish runs well, he has surprisingly good hands’.  Who else in the 2015 NFL Draft class have you seen been referred to as ‘doesn’t finish off his runs well’? I would argue Karlos Williams deserves that label for sure, as does Jeremy Langford…among others. I’ve never heard this ‘scouty’ term mentioned with either of them. In fact, I’ve rarely seen it mentioned about any rookie RB ever…except, now, David Johnson…but not once, but by 3-4 ‘independent’ analysts who have all magically reached the same conclusion…all on their own. Like when they all magically reached the same conclusion on Jordan Matthews having a ‘drops’ problem heading into the NFL—you know Jordan Matthews, the Eagles #1 WR after one season…

The ‘doesn’t finish runs well’ is mentioned so many times about Johnson, I am going back to watch some of his key games to see if I missed it. I’m not sure how the guy who rushed for 1,000+ yards for three straight college seasons, including 1,500+ in his senior year, who also punched in 49 career rushing TDs, isn’t ‘finishing off runs’, but I’m going to re-watch some games to see what they are talking about—I didn’t note it ever in my studies on Johnson back to December 2014, when I launched the first missile on DJ as a top-5 RB prospect talent, in a time when he was a top 10-20+ RB in the draft class for the experts.

I guess, I shouldn’t watch the 2015 Senior Bowl tape, where the FCS talent David Johnson waltzed in on his first carry against the best players in the country, and broke several tackles, juked away from others, and scored a 20+ yard TD. I hate when RBs don’t finish their runs like that. Johnson would later impress the commentators with several other tough, shifty runs in that Senior Bowl game…as well as returning some kickoffs…because that’s what tentative runners do—they show as the best RB prospect at the top college All-Star game, and are also used returning kicks in the game by the coaches…because they’re bad runners who don’t finish.

You think scouting is complicated? It isn’t. You too can be a fantasy writer or football analyst; it’s easy. Don’t watch any tape for yourself besides a three-play highlight of a player, watch a few college games on Saturday, and find out what someone else said/wrote about the talents of a non-Florida State or Alabama player you’ve never seen play…and just run with whatever they said as if it is a universal truth.

A special version of our ‘2014 Rewind’ series will be on David Johnson next week–disproving or proving the ‘doesn’t finish runs’ thesis.

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Here’s what is aggravating me today, sponsored by (your company here)…

I wish I cared as much about my kids as much as Jennifer Garner cares about the airline miles redemption process and the trouble with blackout dates. I mean, she’s really passionate. I see her buying time on TV to tell me about it 2-8 times a day, so I know she cares.

I suspect she spends a lot of personal time each week pouring over her airline miles statements, and works hard to save enough miles in order to book a flight for her and her husband, whoever he is, to just take a simple vacation once per year…and obviously, along the way, she has uncovered this blight on society. Good for her.

Thank you, Mrs. Garner, for taking on ‘Big Air’ and bringing this to my attention a thousand times per year. You can stop now.



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