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2014 Week-7 Dynasty-Fantasy Recap: Jags vs. Browns (10/19/2014)

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– Just a quick note for anyone bemoaning the Browns-DST recommendation for Week-7: What else do you want? (1) They had three picks and two sacks! Yes, you want to see a shutout delivered, but the guy NFL analysts spent the entire week crying for the Browns to pay as a true franchise QB, Brian Hoyer, played like…Brian Hoyer…and was terrible, and had a pick giving JAC the ball in the red-zone, and there was a CLE fumble that did the same. Don’t blame the Browns-DST because the offense chose this week to be inept. (2) What other DST would you have liked? There were no defensive TDs scored this week THU-SUN…unless I missed one. All DSTs disappointed.

That message above was me yelling at me…

Should you play them against OAK this week? I’d say so. All you really want is a juiced up chance at a bad/weak QB with higher odds for a pick-six, hopefully combined with a weak running game. You’re as good with the Browns-DST as anything else for Week-8.

– I know. You’d have rather had the Jaguars-DST from Sunday! Six-points/no TDs by the Browns against the Jags is inexcusable for a ‘team on the rise’. If the Browns make Brian Hoyer (16-41 for 215 yards, 0 TD/1 INT) their franchise QB (and they will), it will not be wise. He’s better than Johnny Manziel, but not a QB you should move forward with into the future. You rent Hoyer, not own. 

Hoyer has completed less than 50% of his passes the past three games (45 of 95), and is barely 55% on the season. The Browns are on the watch list for DST starts against…because of Hoyer.

If you were getting excited by the improving Jags-DST, you should have killed that noise when IDP ILB Paul Posluszny (12 tackles, 5 solo, 1 sack) was lost for the season in this game. I mention it because most will see backup J.T. Thomas (7 tackles, 6 solo) listed as the new starter, and wonder if he’ll be Posluszny 2.0. He won’t be. The name to watch here is the Jags rookie poach from Jets: Jeremiah George. If he gets a shot…watchout. He will be a number-grabber on tackles. That dude is going 150% all the time. He’s not Ryan Shazier or Paul Worrilow or Jamie Collins talented, but he’s pretty good/decent.

– I have to say, I was satisfied to see Denard Robinson (22 carries for 127 yards and 1 TD, 1 target) take control of the starting job (at least for this week). I had been howling about him all preseason. Now, a pay day…finally. I also thought this was a stupid draft pick by the Jags, and still do. RBs are a dime-a-dozen at his size, and Denard is not great; he’s just better than anyone on the Jags until Toby Gerhart gets 100%…and then it is a split.

Fall in love with Denard, but not too much…the problem all season has been a terrible O-Line, and an offense that cannot get close to scoring position on its own. He’s the starter now, so that’s FF-something.

– The past two weeks I thought the Jags run-defense was really looking good, but I didn’t expect them to totally squash the Browns running attack like they did. I’m a Ben Tate (16 carries for 36 yards, 1 rec. for -2 yards on 2 targets) buyer in a non-PPR, a little cooler in a PPR. He’s getting 15+ carries in this offense each week, and I don’t think he’ll lose a job to Isaiah Crowell (7 carries for 18 yards, 1 rec. for 5 yards on 2 targets)…as much as football people want him to, because they love Crowell…because someone told them to in the preseason.

Andrew Hawkins (5 rec. for 112 yards on 9 targets) is a really terrible #1 WR, but until Josh Gordon returns, he is their #1 targeted WR. Speaking of Gordon…I’m not 100% sure Gordon + Hoyer is going to work like a charm right away. More because of Hoyer. I have nothing to base that on, per se. Just a thought that Hoyer is a very flawed passer. I think dump offs to Hawkins suits his skills nicely.


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