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2014 Week-2 Dynasty-Fantasy Recap: Saints vs. Browns (9/14/2014)

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 –  My main note from this game: Don’t mentally get deflated on Brandin Cooks (3 rec. for 17 yards on 6 targets, 31 yards rushing) because it wasn’t a home run FF-game this week. As the Saints head home for two of next three games…everything is going to perk up on offense. It just does at home for them. Cooks led the Saints WRs in targets this game. He also took two hand-offs for 31 yards. He is going to get 5-10 targets per game, and 1-3 carries. He is a threat to score a TD on every touch. Don’t try to outguess him, just have him in (unless you have more awesome options) so you get the pops like he had on opening day.

Consider that Cooks had Joe Haden on him for parts of this game…and that was a struggle for him early on. There are no Joe Haden’s ahead on the schedule the next three weeks before a Week-6 BYE.

  — I’ve written it in a few spots, but the whole home for two of next three things for the New Orleans…it is meaningful for the Saints-DST. The Saints are being bashed for their defense, because everyone thinks the Browns are a joke, but like I analycized last week…the Browns are a team you don’t want to play because Mike Pettine is a very savvy coach, and Cleveland has a very solid team. I’ll take that a step further…they are a threat to finish ahead of PIT and BAL in the division this year. This CLE effort was no fluke. However, the Saints-D is not to blame all the way.

The first CLE score came off a long P.I. call. The 2nd-score (a FG) was a missed long FG, but the Saints lined up offsides giving CLE a 1st-down, and they got closer for a made FG. The next score was a CLE pick-six. The final drive was late game prevent meets solid job by a very disciplined Browns team. Hoyer was under 200 yards passing, and the Browns were under 300 yards total heading into the final two minutes. The Browns were also 7 of 16 converting 3rd-downs. It’s a little simplistic to blame the Saints-Defense. If anything, it was the offense/Drew Brees’ fault.

The Saints-DST is awesome at home, and they have a must win against Matt Cassel in Week-3. What do you think will happen?

The Saints had a good-great defense last year. It’s still a solid unit.

 –  Terrance West (19 carries for 68 yards and 1 TD, 2 rec. for 22 yards on 2 targets) is such a savvy runner. He’s not going to go down in history as one of the greats, but he’s just a very solid, nice RB with sensational vision. He is the main RB for this team. Isaiah Crowell (11 carries for 54 yards, 1 rec. for 3 yards on 3 targets) is there for relief carries. There is zero chance of a ‘take over’ by Crowell.

 – Andrew Hawkins (6 rec. for 70 yards on 12 targets) is a ‘thing’ that’s here to stay. He is now averaging: 7.0 receptions for 78.5 yards on 11.0 targets per game after two weeks. He’s great for PPR, but won’t score many TDs non-PPR. 

 – No doubt, Khiry Robinson (8 carries for 31 yards) gets a bump with Mark Ingram (11 carries for 83 yards and 1 TD, 3 rec. for 21 yards on 4 targets) missing for the next 4-5 weeks. Whatever Ingram was doing for output…Khiry will give. Pierre Thomas (3 carries for 16 yards, 3 rec. for 16 yards on 3 targets) should see a sight uptick in touches as well.

 – The Browns decided to ‘take out’ Marques Colston (nada in this game)…they did, and they won.

Thoughts are now turning toward the Browns as a sleeper DST for Fantasy, but you might hold that thought a little longer. They have BAL this week, then a BYE. After the BYE, it could then be ‘game on’: Locker, Big Ben, Bortles, Carr, McCown…four of five decent matchups for them.

 – Justin Gilbert (7 tackles, 5 solo, 1 PD) is a terrible ‘form’ tackler, so we downgraded him for IDP purposes, but he has been making a better tackling effort to start his NFL career. He’s still shoddy, but willing…7.0 total tackles per game after two weeks (seven in each game). 


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