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2014 Week 11 Dynasty-Fantasy Recap: Texans vs. Browns (11/17/2014)

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I bet this game heavy, and lost. I bet against Ryan Mallett…I bet on the Browns…and I got thumped. You know it’s funny. Watching this game go down the tubes…it made me consider stopping my football wagering. At least, not take it so seriously or no longer make bigger bets.

I am watching this game, and right before half-time Houston is in the red-zone, and Mallett throws a ball 7-10 yards over the middle. He doesn’t see the Linebacker just squatting there…which is what I expect out of Ryan Mallett. All the ILB has to do is move to his right, which he was, catch the ball in stride…and the two things woulda/coulda have happened (a) The Browns stop this scoring drive, and (b) Possibly they reverse it into a pick-six…good for my bet, good for my Cleveland-DST that I rated #1 for the week (and got smoked on).

As the Linebacker moves towards the easy interception, he runs into a referee trying to get out of the way of the pass. They bump into each other and grind to a halt. The pass whistles by them both for a catch and small-run TD by Garrett Graham…a seven-point, possibly 14-point change of events (and possible huge momentum shift) all because a referee got in the way. Why bother placing wagers? I have to factor in referees in the way now? Some of this is whining. Some of it is…can you really consistently beat Vegas/NFL 60%+ of the time in this fickle game? If you can’t, my time is better spent researching elsewhere. Sour grapes…

 — Isaiah Crowell (14 carries for 61 yards, 2 rec. for 30 yards on 4 targets) broke a 35-yard run in this game, but in his other 13 carries…26 yards rushing (2.0 ypc). Excluding the Bengals aberration…the Browns running game has been horrid the last five weeks.

I would not be shocked to see Terrance West (5 carries for 12 yards) run away with this starting job as the main-carry guy more times than not for the ROS. You can’t bet on it, because the Browns RB usage is wild and unpredictable.

Rookie RB Glenn Winston is a name to be aware of, assuming he takes the vacated Ben Tate spot. Here’s more on Winston: (link)  Week 12 Deep Sleepers on PFS

 — Ryan Mallett (20-30 for 211 yards, 2 TD1/ INT) wins a road game against respected (at the time) Cleveland, and now people are all excited by Mallett—the big arm, etc. After the 1st-quarter, when Cleveland adjusted…Mallett never completed a pass that traveled more than 8-yards in the air…except the TD pass before the half that should have been picked if not for the referee. It was a Kirk Cousins-esque controlled, timing pass guessing game…and he mostly guessed right.

Again, once the picks happen here he’s going to fold…my prediction. This was great design by Bill O’Brien, and good/lucky execution by Mallett. You’ll see…


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