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I didn’t make much of the ’Josh Gordon letter’, until I got several emails asking my opinion the last 24+ hours…and most sending the email more feeling sorry for Gordon.

I’ve been avoiding the football news all week, because I cannot take another ex-NFL player weighing in on the keys for both teams to winning the Super Bowl. I think “running the ball effectively” and “stopping the run” along with “win the battle of turnovers” have all been mentioned 8,000-times. So when the Gordon thing popped up, I only caught pieces of it in the car going to and fro to Starbucks.

*Speaking of that: I tried to send email personal ‘thank you’s’ to all who Christmas e-gifted me the greatest gift in the world (Starbucks e-cards). The e-notice from Starbucks doesn’t specify the email address or full name–unless set up that way on your end. So when I get an email of a gift from ‘Joe’, if the full name is not on the card/note, etc. I couldn’t figure out who it was from. We tried. So if you e-gifted and you did not get a warm message from me—I’m not a d-bag. I just could not send a thank you note back. Let me say, I really appreciate it. Honestly, it means a lot as we as we try to produce as much unique content as we can and respond to emails every day. We bust our butts, and caffeine is a rocket fuel we need. It means more than you know.

Valentine’s Day is coming…just a seed planted for those not rocking a Valentine this year. I’ll be it for a cup of coffee. President’s Day…hey, what better way to honor your favorite writer—or at least a top 10-20 one. The Founding Fathers intended people to give writers a thumbs up with coffee via websites…they saw it coming.

I’m addicted to Starbucks. Josh Gordon is addicted to trouble.

It does not matter to me about Gordon’s background from a scout or analyst or fan perspective. I do feel sorry for anyone brought up as a youth in crisis. It still does not take away from the fact that Josh Gordon has been nothing but trouble since I (never) met him.

You all know the historical overview: Failed drug tests in college. Failed drug and alcohol tests in the pros. Has the guy had a clean season yet?

Josh Gordon took to the pen (or the person paid by his publicist or agent did), and took up arms and words against Charles Barkley, Cris Carter, and Steven A. Smith. Why?

What is there to gain by this? I don’t need to meet you to know you’ve got problems—the evidence is everywhere. Did I need to meet Bernie Madoff to know he screwed people out of money? A bunch of people testified to it. He went to jail (and died in prison). I never met him. I know enough secondhand info to realize he’s a guilty scumbag.

All I know about Josh Gordon: Failed two drug tests at Baylor. He then admitted he hid a test failure (while at Utah) from Cleveland pre-draft…admitting it afterwards, of course.

As soon as Gordon hit the NFL, teammates were openly critical of his attitude and work ethic.

Every time I see Gordon’s name he is ‘unluckily’ always in the wrong place at the wrong time. All we ever discuss with Gordon’s NFL tenure is failed test, and poor attitude…and then a recent suspension for missing practice to ice the cake.

What can’t I read into from the past couple of years?

What part of you does Charles Barkley need to know better?  

Anyone who knows anything about drug addicts know that’s they are in major denial of their problem. I think step-one in counseling is admitting you have a problem, isn’t it? Basically, Gordon penned a long letter to say no one understands that he really doesn’t have that bad of a problem.


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So if I read it right…Cris Carter, Charles Barkley, Steven A. Smith, NFL drug testing and alcohol testing policies all have it wrong—that was the crux of his letter. By the time I got to the, “it was the first time I had a drink since ___, and everyone else was doing it, but I got picked to be tested…” blah, blah, blah…I was sick of Josh Gordon’s excuses and deflections. Cry me a river.

All you had to do is not drink…and you would have made millions.

Think of that in context.

If you were asked not to drink any alcohol for two years (when his big contract opportunity would pop up), and if you knew that if you had successfully abstained that you would get $10M+ dollars, could you do it? How about for $1M? How bout for $100K?

Josh Gordon couldn’t.

…but he doesn’t have a problem.

Josh: Your letter didn’t make me change my opinion…it solidified it. Every cliché’ an addict portrays…you wrote out for all the world to see.

Can’t wait until November 2015, when people start asking me if it is a good time to add Josh Gordon in a Dynasty league looking ahead to 2016.


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