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Twitter @FFMetrics An FFM’er sent this article in and I thought any of you who followed along the Amazon and/or HBO series and/or my reviews would find this interesting — about how the show is shot, edited, the pitfalls, etc.   Link: LA Rams Amazon/NFL Films Series  .. Continue reading→


Twitter @FFMetrics As a wrap up to all the Rams content of late, I wanted to add a couple outsider notes of interest on GM Les Snead, who I crushed in the HBO and Amazon documentary reviews. Just a couple light read pieces…   Link: ESPN: Les Snead Hot Seat Link: ESPN: Les Snead First Hired to […].. Continue reading→


Twitter @FFMetrics   A couple of quick notes first before a general wrap up of watching 13 days’ worth of behind-the-scenes Rams’ stuff for the past two weeks… The general notes… — QB coach Chris Weinke showed me absolutely zero during all of this. In both series, there were several staff type meetings where we see clips of […].. Continue reading→


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Fantasy Football Metrics