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In-Season Subscription Time…(We’ve Changed Website Locations)




Welcome to the new website for In-season 2017 (link given below)!!! We’re about 95% done with the foundation and design of our new site/future home of FFM (and CFM), tweaking as we go still. We couldn’t get the football season delayed so we’re still working through cosmetic changes, tweaks, additional functions this week/month. However, we have weekly projections displayed and game analysis, etc. ready to publish when the games hit. Things may seem out of order on dates/reports, but that’s all being worked on as we speak…’pardon our dust‘.

We’re trying things/reports in different places on this new site, trying to make the flow and access more efficient and mobile friendly, etc. The new site will give us capabilities to bundle our various offerings. There’s also a ‘keep me logged in’ button to hit so you’re not kicked out every day or two having to re-sign in. Lot’s of little things being put into the thought process of the new site. Future things are planned with the new site’s capabilities – email alerts and a future forum for subscribers is planned, among other things.

***This is essentially a brand new site, so you have no existing account info.*** When you checkout, you can choose/use any user name and password you’d like…even ones you used on the old FFM (which will still be up and running all year). We are still migrating all the article history from the old to the new site.

***After you checkout for payment, you will receive a confirmation email – asking you to verify your email address. You have to verify account to start rolling. Check your email (or spam file) right after checkout.***

With anything ‘new’ there are bound to be a question on a process or you see something that looks off. We are ready for questions. We are really ready for anything you see that we might want to consider a change on. We’ve tested for all different browser types, etc. We tried to test it every way we could, but let us know if you have any odd viewing on your device or think something is set up strange that we should consider changing.

You can send any new website question emails direct to me and then I’ll know what tech person to deploy help from on it. I want to see the questions coming in to help make sure everything is handled quickly, properly. —


Link to the new website:


*Note — Projections will be viewed in a table/Excel look…and can be downloaded for your manipulation with one click. We will be adding more data to our projections this year. Right now we have a few special data points by player, but more will be coming as the season gives us data.

**The first Game Recap of 2017 will hit Friday, after the NE-KC game. That one you see from 2016 on the home page…it’s just a placeholder waiting for the surge of new reports to pile on top of it.



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R.C. Fischer is a fantasy football player analyst for Fantasy Football Metrics, and College Football Metrics. His group also provides player projections for Advanced Sports Logic’s football software “The Machine.”

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