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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Preseason Wk 1: Redskins v. Ravens


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*Lots of games to cover and moving faster than editors can keep up with, so forgive any typos, etc. 2,000+ word articles on preseason games ain’t easy. Going for quantity over quality to get the news out ASAP.

As a quick summary of this game – Joe Flacco better be fine. If he isn’t or gets re-injured…it’s time for Ozzie Newsome to go. I cannot believe the Ravens are actually sitting there with Ryan Mallett as their trusty #2. You can’t even evaluate the Ravens offense in the preseason, yet again, because Mallett ruins everything.

I would also add that the Ravens defense looked like the best defense I’ve seen all preseason (note: we haven’t seen all the teams yet). The Ravens are loaded with young talent and a mix of established players…and they played out of their minds in this game. ‘Intimidating’ didn’t do it justice…either that or the Redskins are in for a long season because they looked worse than any team (offense and defense) I’ve observed in the preseason.

Players notes…

— You might be concerned about Samaje Perine. Don’t be, not yet. Let me do what I do best…tell you what really happened to counteract the fake roto-news.

Honestly, you have to start with the following two realities:

(1) The Ravens defense was fantastic/the Redskins entire team looked like they’d rather be doing anything else anywhere else.

You think Samaje Perine (6-15-0, 0-0-0/1) had a bad night with just 2.5 yards per carry? How about Rob Kelley (3-2-0) with 0.7 yards per carry and Matt Jones (3-(-1)-0, 1-17-0/1) with -0.3 ypc? The Redskins didn’t exactly ground and pound the Ravens.

(2) This is the same set up as last year with the Chicago Bears. The media LOVED Jeremy Langford and when Jordan Howard entered his first preseason game as like the 3rd/4th string guy…all the roto-headlines dismissed the eventual 1,300+ yard rusher, who didn’t start until Week 4. Perine is getting similar dismissive press, only Rob Kelley is pretty bad…and the media knows it so they are not pumping him like they did Langford, but they are enjoying their Perine narrative as ‘not ready’ and ‘ball security’.

In college, Perine had 5 fumbles in his 685 career carries and 40 catches. He’s not a notorious fumbler.

After Kelley did nothing to start the game, Perine entered the game and also did nothing. And then, a few plays in, on back-to-back plays series, Perine took a handoff and was swatted at in the backfield and lost the ball (and landed on it himself)…to be fair, it was a horrible fumble because there was barely contact. Following that, Perine got in position for a little dump pass a few yards away from the QB, he was wide open, and he started heading upfield before the catch and dropped the pass. It looked bad happening right after the fumble.

After the two negative plays, Perine disappeared for a bit and then returned after a few series – and reeled off the Redskins longest run of the night (11 yards) and followed that with a 5+ yard pop. He looked a little more confident/angry after the earlier trouble…albeit against 3rd team Ravens –but the 3rd team Ravens D was better than the Redskins’ 1st team D.

It wasn’t Perine’s best night and it definitely did not advance the Perine as starter narrative, but I don’t think the world came to an end. Every Redskins RB was pretty much an embarrassment on this night. If next game, Kelley struggles and Perine comes in and moves the team – the media will do a 180, as will the team (see: Trubisky about to unseat Glennon after one preseason game).

Kirk Cousins threw his first pass to Terrelle Pryor, a foot over his leaping body. Nothing else to report on Pryor except he looks like the new Calvin Johnson-lite moving around on the field.

— Quick shout out to Josh Woodrum (4-4, 85 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) who was by far the Ravens best QB on this night. I scouted Woodrum coming out of Liberty – he is an NFL QB if anyone is paying attention. Mallett = no. Woodrum = yes. And Woodrum was very good in his time in this game. He deserves a roster spot/#2 QB job. He might get it. He should.

Woodrum is like Alex Smith or Andy Dalton – quality QBs who win but the media hates for some reason. The media hates winning QBs in the NFL if they aren’t flashy or from big name schools. Hell, they hate Tom Brady and the Patriots. They await a Dak Prescott ‘regression’ with baited breath.

— I see nothing with Ravens UDFA WR Tim White (1-33-1/1) on paper, but he sure gave a nice effort in this game. He will probably scrap around the fringes of the NFL for awhile.

— Boy, you can see the athleticism with Redskins rookie WR Robert Davis (1-31-0/6 targets) but there’s never any great follow-through or moments to hang your hat on.

— I watched two DT rookies at work, and wasn’t blown away…

Jonathan Allen (1 tackles, 1 sack) wasn’t dominating his guy…and worked 2nd/3rd team. Chris Wormley (1 tackles, 1 TFL) worked some DE and DT and didn’t stand out at all – mostly 4th-quarter work for him.

— Defenders who did stand out…

Giant-human Brandon Kaufusi (2 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL) really got into the backfield/was trouble blocking quite a bit. Nice to see that after such serious injury took away his prior season.

Tyus Bowser (3 tackles) was probably the best rookie defender I saw on the night – he is as advertised, and then some. High-end speed-agility, and was all over the field…especially defending the pass nicely.



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