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Draft Guide Update — Bonus Report Notice



FYI, on the ‘Top 24’ Commentary Report, at the bottom of the rankings is a new, secret report for you to look at. An 8,000+ word read.

Jason Katz, of our Handicapping Group and Fantasy Pros fame (among others), and I worked on a mock draft using Fantasy Pros fast-mock system (link to use for yourself for free on draft guide update notice).

We worked a PPR, 4pts per pass TD, Flex, 12-team, 15-round draft…from the hated (by me this year) #6 slot. We chatted before the picks and after. Jason captured the way our entire draft unfolded and all our commentary with some of his extra commentary after. I think you’ll enjoy it and find it useful for some consideration on your own strategy. We did this draft a week or so ago, so things are obviously moving fast from the camps. Obviously, we’re not advocating Quincy Enunwa as a great pick today.

I think you’ll enjoy and find some things to help you plan or get worked up at how stupid you think some of the thoughts/picks were.

Top 24 report, keep scrolling down until it becomes the Mock Draft e-book! Enjoy!!


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