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2017 Faux NFL Season (R.C. Computer Simulation) Divisional Playoffs


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Our Faux 2017 season simulations are an every May tradition – not just for just the fun of trying to predict the season ahead, but we’re trying to establish/locate ‘over/under season win total’ opportunities for you (and us) to wager on and prosper from. We’ve had a pretty nice track record of such things over previous years. In fact, I may stop wasting as much energy with week-to-week betting and just let it all ride on these preseason o/u opportunities. It’s dumb not to ride with the fastest, winning horses…

Both myself and the illustrious Xavier Cromartie, fresh off his world domination of draft analysts in the 2017 NFL Draft prediction game (more info on that here: XC’s 2017 record-setting NFL event), will share our 2017 season simulations a few NFL weeks at a time, and then through our playoff model predictions. We start on 5/8/2017 and run Monday-Friday for two weeks. *Neither of us know the other’s simulation results until we’re finished.

After the two weeks of Faux season results, we’ll publish chats that Xavier and I had about our Faux results and discuss the best over/under opportunities we see out there for 2017 and look back at our profitable 2016 plays, and what we learned from last season.

Hope you enjoy the show…


NY Giants at Dallas

Seattle at Green Bay

Pittsburgh at New England

Kansas City at Tennessee


Divisional Playoffs…


NY Giants at Dallas

Dallas wins 61% of the simulations.

Can you imagine a NYG-DAL playoff game? How delicious for fans! Dallas has the better team and home field, but this is a war of a rivalry game that logic almost gets thrown out the door on. If Dallas has gotten this far and is a #1 seed – then it means the O-Line is fine and Dak Prescott had no sophomore slump.


Seattle at Green Bay

Green Bay wins 67% of the simulations.

Honestly, I’m surprised Seattle made it this far because I see the cracks in the armor hitting…but I think it will be 2018 when things really start falling apart for Seattle (but don’t rule out 2017). Green Bay takes advantage of the cold, home field advantage and Seattle’s awful road play to move to the Final Four, again.


Pittsburgh at New England

New England wins 77% of the simulations.

How many times will the Steelers make it this far only to be whooped by the superior team that has home field advantage? This loss sends the Steelers careening into a fall off of a cliff going into 2018. Big Ben retires and all hell breaks loose.


Kansas City at Tennessee

Kansas City wins 72% of the simulations. The mild surprise of our Faux 2017 – the Titans. Not a shock they won the division, but grabbing the #2 seed was unforeseen. Sadly, the good times end here for the playoff-inexperienced Titans. Maybe, next year…but not against battle tested Kansas City.


Next Round/Tomorrow’s matchups to go to the Super Bowl:

Green Bay at Dallas

Kansas City at New England



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