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2017 Football Offseason Amazon Talk…(10.0)


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(Same opener as every week, skip if you’ve already read…unless you did not follow the instructions blindly last time…) It’s the football offseason, kinda. Football activity never ends between free agency, the NFL Draft, and then the start of mini-camps. Football is the gift that keeps giving. However, in the offseason I try to write about some more non-football-related items. One of things that I enjoy sharing, with anyone who will listen, are the weird things I am buying on Amazon.

I am an odd shopper. Several times a week, it seems, I will get lost in a thought about ‘why don’t they make a…‘ or ‘I wonder if some built a better…‘. Most times, I go on Amazon and there exists something I was curious about – mostly things I didn’t realize existed and 9 times out of 10 they are cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else. Most of these things you cannot find in a traditional store. And who wants to go to a store anyway?

I also am proud to promote the better mousetraps that have made my life better/easier. So, to help promote products I think some/many can benefit from, and to write about something nonfootball…and to be sure you remember to use our Amazon link to make your purchases – let’s talk some Amazon.

Please consider saving our Amazon page as your ‘favorite’ for your Amazon quick access after you do a click through on our link…because we get credit on your every purchase and it doesn’t change your experience one bit. (After clicking our link, you’ll be at your normal home page, but if you look up in the long URL and see ‘fantasyfootballmet’ and or ‘fantasyfootballmetrics’ among all the characters and symbols…then you’re at the right place – save that page as your Amazon favorite and you’ll never have to search for our link again. Just click your Amazon/FFM favorited page.

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You might have seen this week’s recommended product on an episode of Shark Tank a while ago – a light that hooks to your toilet, and it aims a light into your bowl – reacting via motion detection.

Why do you need a lit-up toilet bowl interior, anyway?

Not all of you do.

Here’s my situation…

My bedroom has a bathroom connected, as most do. Occasionally, I need to go into said bathroom in the early hours of the night/morn. I’m not at my most clear at that time. Sometimes, I have a small obstacle course of crap on the floor to navigate in the dark to get to my bathroom. Once, I get into the bathroom it’s pitch black. I can either turn on the light as I enter, and wake up my wife with illumination or just use the moonlight to find the toilet.

I’m not a bat. I cannot use my interpretation of sound waves to find the porcelain prize in the dark. I need some light. A year+ ago, I solved part of that issue – a cheap, battery operated, 6″ L.E.D. light strip discreetly placed on the floor in the bathroom so the light hits the floor like a runway…without bothering my wife. Plus, I don’t want full brightness at 3 a.m. either. I didn’t realize I could go to another level of illumination in the late-night bathroom process until I saw the Shark Tank pitch for it.

I had the floor lit up, but that didn’t give me the best…and come on, we’re grownups here…most of us…it didn’t give me the best light with which to aim straight at the target. However, now my entire bowl lights up with a rainbow of colors making things much easier for my night time efforts…making things easier for the person who may follow my early a.m. trip.

There are several of these toilet lights for sale on Amazon. I’ll attach a link to the one I got. They’re all cheap options. Go with the better customer rating one you see – most are rated fine because they are all pretty much the same.

The toilet light has a motion detector that is about the size of a pad of sticky notes. It has a ‘bendy’ arm connecting the motion detector to a tiny light at the end of the arm. You put the detection side out, the bendy arm is conformed around the rim to secure it and then the end of the bendy arm is then naturally pointed down shooting light into the bowl, lighting the entire thing up.

It’s one of those things that you don’t think you need, and then you get one and wonder “Why doesn’t every toilet bowl light up at night? Are we all mere savages?

If you don’t want to wake a sleeping partner. If you don’t want to run into a door, sink, ledge, etc. in the dark…thus, waking up a sleeping partner with your cursing. If you want to have better aim at night instead of the buckshot/fire hose out of control event – consider the solution of cheap lights for such things off of Amazon. And use our link to do so, please!!

Additionally, my wife has come to enjoy not having to hope she’s perfectly aligned to wherever the toilet is in the dark. It’s a gift for all sexes…but more so to help the males.

The price is always changing because of so many people selling them now, so check the ‘other options’ on similar items at the bottom of the Amazon page after you click in…if you’re interested.



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