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What Do You Make Of This Carlos Hyde Talk?


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What Do You Make Of This Carlos Hyde Talk?


Perhaps, you’ve seen the recent chatter about the 49ers not being happy with Carlos Hyde and they might be drafting a running back? There seems to be a narrative turning against Hyde in the media (mainstream and fantasy wise)…kinda like the media’s perpetual ‘Oakland is looking to replace Latavius Murray‘ stories they dropped for the past two years of preseasons…while Oakland did nothing of the sort. They finally lost him/let him go in free agency. They never drafted or traded for a serious replacement for two years while the media rumored every draft and free agent RB there.

My first thought on the Hyde news was – Why is there any acrimony with Carlos Hyde and the 49ers? He’s played on the worst football team in the NFL for two years running and carried their offense…despite garbage QB play, awful coaching, an awful organization, and a disintegrating O-Line. Hyde has been a bulldog in a crappy situation for two years.

The mainstream is labeling him as ‘injury prone’ to help push the story. OK, then why isn’t Le’Veon Bell ‘too injury prone’ and must be traded? Bell’s missed plenty of action in the last few years. The media is breathless over the free agent RBs Eddie Lacy, Adrian Peterson, and Jamaal Charles…all constantly injured of late. If injury issues with a running back are such a big problem — Seattle should trade Thomas Rawls and Detroit should trade away Ameer Abdullah. Jonathan Stewart should have been gone a long time ago. Chris Johnson should never have been signed by any team the past 4-5 years.

Of all the names I just listed above, to today’s media looking for a story, only Carlos Hyde is a major problem…for ‘reasons’.

I don’t dispute that Hyde has missed time but so do all running backs. It’s part of the job for most. He missed half a season in 2015. Might have come back if the team hadn’t tanked and didn’t need to rush him. He missed three games last year, and two games in his rookie season. Ameer Abdullah is the poster child for injuries at running back and no one is suggesting the Lions should drop him…in fact, the mainstream fantasy people crave Abdullah as pending greatness and an overlooked sleeper!!

There’s also the FACT Hyde doesn’t fit Kyle Shanahan’s offense. I wrote the last sentence as a fact because everyone is assuming it’s true — so why bother questioning it. What the hell is the Kyle Shanahan offense anyway? He ran the spread with RG3 and ran main carry bruiser Alfred Morris when he was back in Washington. He rotated power runners in Cleveland when he was O-C there before quitting the Browns…because they were the Browns (that’s why Shanahan can be trusted as ‘smart’). He went to Atlanta, inherited Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman and made use of them. Before his Atlanta stint bruising RBs were his pattern. Back in 2008-2009, he was the O-C in Houston…which birthed main carry bruiser Arian Foster.

…but let’s just assume everything will be just like Shanahan’s two years in Atlanta and ignore his other three teams and six years as O-C prior to that. Thanks, football media!

Does Hyde fit Shanahan’s offense? I don’t know – does having one of the 10-15 most talented RBs in the NFL fit what Shanahan does? Hyde is a legit three-down back. His tape is fantastic the past two years under the microscope of how crappy the team has been run. Why the football media is throwing him overboard is akin to them acting like a 12-year-old. I imagine their inner-monologue is – Hyde’s done nothing super-flashy lately, plus he plays way out west for a team we never watch games of, so I’m not FEELING it…so the 49ers must not be either…so I’ll write about that as if my feelings are their reality. Plus, I want to write about all the shiny new toys from the draft. So, I wonder where Joe Mixon is visiting today…hopefully San Francisco!

More gas on this fire is the led-around-by-the-nose GM of the 49ers, John Lynch. If you look up ‘conventional wisdom’ on the internet, I assume pictures of John Lynch appear…I draw this conclusion after listening to his football commentary the past million years (it seems). When asked about Hyde, Lynch gave the typical corporate double-speak about how excited they are by Hyde but people have to prove themselves. Remember, this story is media-FEELINGS driven — so when double-speak is given to them…they pounce on the part that fits their FEELINGS. The NFL media is the original purveyor of ‘fake news’.

Now, here we are with a battered Carlos Hyde…battered ‘image’ among the media. When the media turns — the fans are sure to follow. You can actually hear the sounds of Hyde’s fantasy stock falling if you listen closely.

I’m a buyer of Carlos Hyde’s falling stock. I’m buying it at the low price. I will make you squeal in a deal because most owners of Hyde are now scared to death. Injury perception + bad team no one watches + bad media perception = panic. I think it’s the time to buy Hyde.

What do you think the 49ers are going to do with a legit, high-end power runner who can catch simple passes like Hyde? If they want him gone, if they really don’t like him, they’ll trade him to a team that wants him. If for some reason they draft Leonard Fournette…then they certainly don’t need or want Hyde. Hyde’s not going to sit on the bench. Hyde will be traded while he has value in that case.

Might the 49ers draft a 4th-7th round RB? I’m sure they will because they have no other great running backs behind him. Every NFL team should pursue RB depth. Are you’re going to trust that John Lynch finds the right 4th-7th ‘sleeper’ RB who will shockingly usurp Hyde? I doubt it.

Hyde’s entering option and free agency contract time over the next year or two. If Hyde’s going to play 16 games – it will 2017, if at all possible. Also, if Hyde stays and plays within a vaunted Kyle Shanahan offense…won’t it be a really good thing for Hyde?

Either Hyde is the 49ers starter or some other team’s starter in 2017. I wouldn’t sweat all this chatter right now. I heard it all before on Latavius Murray last year, and I could go on listing more examples. The window has opened to trade a second-round dynasty rookie draft pick for Hyde…and I’d do that in a heartbeat and assume Hyde will be the main guy or mostly the main guy on the 49ers or another team in 2017. I’d rather dump some media darling player in exchange for him. If I could dump Donte Moncrief or whatever hopeful straight up (maybe add a 5th+ round rookie pick), I do it.

I don’t rule out John Lynch doing something crazy but hardly any GM (non-Patriots) makes trades in the NFL and I can’t believe the 49ers will draft Leonard Fournette. I could see them being dumb enough to take Dalvin Cook in the second-round…but then that only helps Hyde because Dalvin Cook is a mediocre prospect.

Hyde’s just too good to get maligned like this. Thank you, football media for opening this opportunity at a cheaper acquisition.


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