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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Comments On The Latest News Pre-Easter


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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Comments On The Latest News Pre-Easter

Looking back over the latest news from football-land in the past week…

— I love Colin Cowherd, but more and more his football takes are fading off the mark. I think the guy that used to have his finger on the pulse is starting to take it easy and fly by the seat of his pants with his new West Coast life. Just a theory from afar, from a fan. I could only hope to do the same someday – move to the beach and do a really good job, but not give my life over to it.

Two things he said today made me raise an eyebrow…

1) He continues to rail for Deshaun Watson as the best QB in the draft, and that’s fine. I disagree, but I don’t disagree that the conversation can’t be had. However, when doing it he’s knocking Mitchell Trubisky as if he sucks because his name sounds goofy and he only started for one year…that’s really Colin’s argument. That’s the kind of shortsightedness you get when you’re really not studying deep and you’re flying by the seat of your pants. It’s a ‘fan’s take‘ not a wise ‘analyst’s take‘.

A good example of this – Colin railed on and on about what a great athlete Deshaun Watson is. Guess what? With just a little bit of research, one would learn that Trubisky (4.67) basically posted the same exact 40-time as Watson (4.66)…and that Trubisky had a better three-cone time, which is a critical read…Trubisky had the second best three-cone of any QB at the Combine.

Colin yapped on and on today about Watson winning some Georgia state jump (broad, long…not sure) contest/meet while just in the 8th grade. Watson’s broad jump was 9’11” at the NFL Combine – 4th best among the QB prospects. Trubisky jumped 9’8″. Not far off Watson. If Watson is some kind of Michael Jordan…his NFL Combine didn’t show it…or there are several Michael Jordan’s at QB in this draft.

Colin continues to denigrate Trubisky but I can tell he really doesn’t know anything about him…and that’s irresponsible. It’s one thing not to know about a prospect Kyle Sloter, if you’re a national radio host, because fans/people are not calling in to talk about him. His visibility isn’t high enough…but not knowing basics about the possible #1 overall pick QB – it’s lazy. It’s not like Colin.

2) Colin heaped praise on John Lynch (49ers GM) because Lynch talked about trading the #2 pick…and Colin was railing about how overrated/overvalued first-round draft picks are (which is true), so he got all excited when Lynch said he would trade the #2 overall.

What else did you expect Lynch to say?

Someone asked Lynch if he would trade the pick, and he said, “We’d listen to anything.” No $&!# Sherlock. I love my house and I’m not looking to sell it, but “I’d listen to anything” as well. I’m not stupid. Give me 30% more than what I think it’s worth on the market…and you can have it. Colin acted like Lynch saying this was revolutionary, a promising sign for the new GM. That’s an odd thing for Colin to latch on to.

I’m a fan of Colin, but more and more I’m seeing generic, offbase, unstudied throwaway takes and more stories about what Colin did in California last night. Today, he treated me to a LeBron-for-MVP parody song by Sisqo about four times in 2+ hours. The comedy factor was 0 on a scale of 1-10…but Colin was delighted with it.

Colin is a great observer of life and an excellent broadcaster of it. He’ll do a non-sports show someday and it will be terrific as well. He used to be tremendous with his football insight…but I see that side slipping of late. I hope he gets it back.


— Still… No one in the media with a ‘there’s a problem in Seattle‘ take on Marshawn Lynch coming back to the NFL but not with the Seahawks. He’s not doing it for money. Why not come back with Seattle? There are deep-rooted problems with the Seahawks locker room and coaches that are bubbling to the surface. Remember when they purposely traded for locker room cancer Percy Harvin – and Harvin punched Doug Baldwin in a scuffle over nothing, reportedly?

Can you imagine Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch being ‘traded’ to Oakland? Not out of the question the next two weeks.

Will someone in the national media start railing on this? Colin Cowherd has lobbed the first few grenades the past few months, but it’s time for bigger artillery.


— The Patriots brought in RFA free agents Damien Williams and Mike Gillislee. Those are two interesting RB prospects…that the Patriots have no need for. I don’t believe the Pats will sign either, but this is a pattern with New England. They visit with RFA’s ahead of their free agency. It’s smart. Last year, they were the only team to visit with Benny Cunningham.

I also wonder if the RFA visits by players within the division has an ulterior motive? At minimum, drive the price up for their teams to keep them?


— You will see my extended take on the Carlos Hyde news/rumors tomorrow midday.


— The Bengals traded for DE Chris Smith from the Jaguars…I have no idea why.

Trades only seem to happen if it is a player soon to be cut in exchange for a late-round pick. Credit Tom Coughlin…he’s moved Chris Smith and Julius Thomas for actual picks. If the Jags find a real QB…watchout.


— Houston needs more quarterback depth/help, right? Matt McGloin signed in Philadelphia this past week. Bill O’Brien owes a lot of his Penn State success to McGloin. One side or the other of that relationship is not interested in the other. I wonder what happened?



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