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First Look/Analysis of the 2017 Schedule (for Dynasty-Fantasy): Carolina


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Every day (might skip a day here or there) this month (and into February if needed), I’m going to take a quick look at the 2017 schedule for each team and make some knee-jerk commentary. We know the teams at this point, but we don’t know the layout…nor do we know what will happen in free agency, trades, or the draft. However, we’ll look at each team (randomly) and I’ll give an initial take for those planning dynasty offseasons and getting ready for best-ball drafts, etc.

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First Look/Analysis of the 2017 Schedule (for Dynasty-Fantasy): Carolina


Rotation: AFC East, NFC North

One-offs: Philadelphia and San Francisco


This schedule is a true gift for Cam Newton and friends on the offense for fantasy – the question is whether Cam is in a place to take advantage. The toughest defenses on the 2017 schedule appear to be Minnesota and New England. Outside of that, a lot of New Orleans, Miami, 49ers, etc. I like the opportunity via the schedule…I’m just not sure Cam is going to take advantage.

If Latavius Murray or Leonard Fournette end up here…you have to like their 2017 schedule. A lot.

I’m a fan of the upside of the Carolina DST talent – I like what I see from James BradberryShaq Thompson is starting to come on. They were already good (when healthy), but there are some young players that could come on to make this a top 5–10 defense in talent in 2017. The 2017 schedule is more of a benefit to push that DST upside. There are some real rough spots – Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees 2x and Atlanta 2x (if you fear the Falcons minus Kyle Shanahan). For every troubling matchup, there is a SF, PHI, NYJ, BUF, CHI on the schedule. More favorable matchups than troubling ones.

Cam 2016 takes the 2017 and goes 7–9.

Cam 2015 takes the 2017 schedule and goes 12–4+.

Cam 2017…I have no idea what he does with the 2017 schedule.


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