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2017 Free Agent Chat: Alshon Jeffery


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— Well, the handicapping group is having withdrawals from having little-to-nothing to bet on football-wise these days. So, we had an idea to take that gambling energy and football love and have a discussion and possible contest trying to predict where the bigger name free agents (especially for fantasy) might be headed.

Below is a transcript of our group discussions via email. Please forgive any grammar or typo errors…just an informal chat. —





RC: This is the best ‘name’ wide receiver on the open market? I guess.

Jeffery had a couple of quasi-dominant seasons and so-so ones of late, but hindered with injury. In addition, a 4-game ban for PEDs last season.

I feel like the ship has sailed on Jeffery. There are a flood of talented youngsters hitting the NFL. Hell, the Bears had Cameron Meredith sitting in their midst for years while Jeffery scored 6 TDs in his last 21 games. The Bears won’t miss Jeffery for a second.

The market should be soft for Jeffery for a variety of reasons. However, you know some team is going to suckered into overpaying. Not that Jeffery is terrible but he’s not a 5-year/$60M asset…but I get someone is going to pay up.

Who is it?


Katz: Here’s another guy I am confident won’t be back with his team. He is leaving Chicago. The question, obviously, is to where? I think Baltimore makes a lot of sense, but he’s not old enough or past his prime enough. We all know the Ravens only sign great receivers after they’re well into the twilight of their careers. The Eagles and Rams make the most sense to me on first glance. The 49ers are also an option, but it’s hard to predict someone going to a team that has dozens of other needs. I’m gonna leave it at that and see what others say before making an official prediction.


Rabbitt: Lazy headcase.  Normally i’d go with Oakland here based on those two things alone.  However they probably have their fill of lazy headcases with Crabtree.  Lets go with a different terribly run team and take the 49ers.  This seems like a John Lynch move.  My Cpatt move got flushed the minute they hired that goofball.


Rabbitt:  I’d also like to respin this a bit-  does anyone thing a change of scenery will help him and make him good/dominating again or is everyone on board with me for the career tailspin bandwagon?


RC: The talent, when healthy and motivated is undeniable. He’s a prize catch for an old school coach looking for ‘the look’ from one of his WRs.

I think we’re in an era where having ‘big’ WRs isn’t as rare/impressive/valuable, but 20-30 GMs and coaches still think it’s the 1970s so I know some team is going to think they are buying their mini-Calvin Johnson hope here…and they’ll fix the mental stuff because of their great coaching motivation.

If Cleveland didn’t have Pryor…Hue Jackson is all in on Jeffery.

I’m trying to think who that NFL coach/GM will be who will overpay for this antiquated theory of the ‘big WR’ target.

I like Jeffery…but for the price (NFL wise) I’d pass. Can find what I need in the draft.


RC: The new Colts GM is connected back to the Bears.

He was the director of scouting for one year…2012…when he/the Bears pulled Jeffery 2nd round.

It will be interesting to see if he makes a move after him…or if he saw enough to be turned off behind the scenes. He was only there for ‘good’ Jeffery, however – so, he might have a very favorable opinion.


Savage: I saw a report last week that the Eagles are interested in Alshon, which isn’t surprising. I think most teams view him as the top WR available in free agency because they’re not completely sold on Pryor yet, so I expect one of the teams that got bad WR production in 2016 to overpay for Alshon in an attempt to “win the offseason” in the eyes of the media. That being the case, the Rams, Eagles, and 49ers are the short list with the Colts as a nice darkhorse possibility. I see the Rams as more likely to go after Garcon and/or Desean Jackson because of their relationship with Sean McVay. I saw a report that Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch want to target players who “love football”, which means Alshon probably isn’t their type of guy. I’ll go with the Eagles. I think they already see Agholor as a lost cause and don’t see Jordan Matthews as a true #1.


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