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DDP Yoga After Four Weeks: I’m Not Sure I Can Accurately Convey This Update…


As of this writing, I have been doing DDP Yoga for about 4+ weeks.

On my prior Friday yoga note, I bloviated about the back and neck relief I was experiencing through the program early on…as someone who has a bad disc in their neck, and has lived at the chiropractor the past 3+ years. I don’t live there any more. I’ve stretched my appointments out from every 12-14 days to 18 days (don’t ask me why 18, it just worked). My last two visits were at the 18 day mark in-between visits, and normally I would be dying for an adjustment by then. There has been no such death on the last two delayed appointments. My next appointment is with another 18-day stretch, and then I’m going to move to 21 days to see what happens.

Again, I say: If all I do is stretch my chiropractic visits out…I will have paid for the DDP Yoga program in a couple of months alone. Much the less fiscal savings going forward.

However, something more interesting has happened. It may explain some of the non-need for frequent chiropractic as well…

My main hope on the DDP Yoga was to lose weight. However, I have gained weight over the last two or so weeks (started dieting about 5 weeks ago). I had lost 3 pounds in a week before DDP Yoga. I dropped another two or so pounds a few days into DDP Yoga. I have since gained about four pounds staying on the DDP Yoga.

Quite frankly that has ticked me off. I have been eating better (to a degree), eating less, and counting calories. I should be losing weight…or at least holding my loss, not gaining.

Here’s the thing: I have dropped in inch+ in my waist. Despite no real weight loss since DDP Yoga, my shirts and pants feel/fit better. My stomach is shrinking, and getting tighter. That’s been a good thing, but it’s not the really impressive part (but I’m excited about it).

The next part is a complete shock to me, and was the least thing I would have expected. My wife and son can verify this…as I freaked them out the other day; after I freaked myself out.

Earlier this week, I reached for something wearing a short sleeve shirt, and noticed something I had never seen before. I looked down at my arm, and there was a bulge that looked so odd it caught my attention. A wrinkle of definition. I pulled my sleeve up to inspect this development. What the heck…so that’s what triceps are? I’d never had one, I thought maybe I was immune. Ladies and Gentleman, a person who has not picked up a weight in months/years…has noticeable triceps for the first I can recall.

My arms had been feeling ‘ripped’, but I just thought they were tight from the workouts, like an ache or nice notification that something was happening. Like tired legs after running. I didn’t realize it had already happened. I sprouted triceps without weights from doing DDP Yoga, and I do not ever recall seeing myself with triceps as an adult…ever.

But, wait….there’s more.

Being humble/modest, I ran upstairs ripped off my shirt (or gently lifted it over my head) and muscle posed in the bathroom mirror. I needed to see what was going on, or was it in my head? I struck the Hulk Hogan pose, and hold crap!!! Where did those triceps come from. Better yet, where did those traps come from? I looked like an NFL Linebacker out of nowhere. I had bulging traps and some kind of triceps making my arms look like it had definition under layers of fat that still need to go.

This next part is 100% true.

I went to my wife and said, “You want to see something shocking?” My teenage son was there too. I took off my shirt, which is not impressive. I still have fat hiding progress when I’m at ease. However, I let them look at my ‘flaccid’ state for a moment, and then I worked my shoulders back, and struck a pose like the Hanz and Franz ‘pump you up’, bodybuilder type flex/pose…and my shoulders and triceps just exploded (for me, who has never experienced that). My wife’s eyes almost popped out of her head. She might just be being supportive, I thought, but when my son proclaimed ‘holy crap’! I knew something was happening.

I never miss a day of DDP Yoga, and after my son said ‘holy crap’ about my body…I’m not stopping now.

I feel great. I had a therapy massage before my last chiropractic visit, and usually when they work my shoulders and neck, it’s like them kneading their hands into pizza dough (emphasis on dough-y). This time, no such effort. They had to work harder. Why? I have muscles popping in my tricep, traps, and in my back. I’m getting sturdy. This is also helping my back/neck issues because I have muscles where before I used to have atrophy.

This is happening from DDP Yoga…with no weights.

I hugged my wife this week, and she said…your stomach is not pushing me away like it used to. I’m losing waist line inch(es).

I’m saving money at the chiropractor.

I am still stuck on DDP Yoga level 3 and 4 out of 11 (I own), because I’m not strong enough to do #4 without quitting for moments at a time. I’m on the basic program level, and yet all this benefit is happening.

I don’t know what would happen with anyone else, but I’m a middle-aged, kinda overweight guy who hates exercise. I’m OK with the Yoga activity, but I love doing it because I now see it as the key to have a body like in those advertising pictures you think are all photoshopped. I may be delusional, but my delusion is making me dogged in doing a 12-25 minute session every day. I moved to two times a day some days because I am trying to get there faster.

If you have issues like me, you may want to give DDP Yoga a whirl. I am stunned at what has happened…and I’m just getting started.

If you do want to try DDP Yoga. Please click the pictures, banners below so we get some credit over here!


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