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College Football Metrics News (The 2014 Timeline)


**The 2014 season of College Football Metrics is projected to open up for sale on January 6, 2014**

Your College Football Metrics 2014 subscription runs until 12-31-2014, and is scheduled to include the following:

*We are projecting 150+ individual prospect statistically-based scouting reports filed (800-1,200+ words per prospect) again this season (see samples on our home page). We have a goal of 180+ prospect reports by Draft-Day–since the draft has been moved to May 8-10.

*We are projecting over 600 players statistically graded at the offensive and defensive positions, including Place Kickers.

*All of our scouting reports from 2012 and 2013 will be achieved, and will be accessible within CFM 2014

*We plan to have our live, streaming, written commentary during the three days of the NFL Draft again this year–and are working on a better platform to do this with

*We will provide player rankings and commentary post-draft for Dynasty League/Fantasy Football General Managers. We will update the rankings and commentary from May 2014 to opening kickoff.



CFM projected time line of events for 2014:

1/6/14: Subscriptions will be open. There will be between 5-8 QB prospect reports loaded at that time.

JANUARY: This is the month we concentrate on QB research. All throughout the month we will add reports every day or two. We will do full scale scouting reports on 25+ QBs for the 2014 NFL Draft (ultimately we will statistically grade approx. 50+ QB prospects and rank them).

FEBRUARY: Once the NFL Combine takes place, we can start our statistical-based evaluations of all the other non-QB positions. We start with the biggest prospect names, and highest rated players nationally—and keep adding reports all throughout the month.

MARCH: We continue to add full scouting reports on all positions, and update prior reports with the latest Pro Day workout data. We also begin producing a statistical ranking board of the top 20-30-40-50+ players at each position (see home page for position classifications).

APRIL: We keep adding more scouting reports, and continue to update our ranking boards.

MAY: Once the 2014 NFL Draft is complete (May 10th) we begin statistically grading the draft from an NFL standpoint, and then we start ranking players for Dynasty/Fantasy Football scouting purposes. We will also add a few more additional prospect reports post-draft–including a look at some 2015 bigger name prospects.

JUNE-AUGUST: Continued analysis of Dynasty/Fantasy Football ranking boards based on updated info from training camps and preseason games

SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER: CFM is mostly idle with all the reports filed for 2014 (and 2012-2013) available for your review any time as the NFL season unfolds

12-31-2014: The subscription access ends for 2014

January 2015: The process begins all over again!


About R.C. Fischer

R.C. Fischer is a fantasy football player analyst for Fantasy Football Metrics, and College Football Metrics. His group also provides player projections for Advanced Sports Logic’s football software “The Machine.”

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