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“Should I Keep or Drop Shane Vereen?”

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My single most asked question of Week-2 has been: “Should I drop Shane Vereen?” (in a redraft). This, of course, is asked after we both cry in our carbonated beverage about “what might have been” with Vereen this season.

My simple answer is: “Yes. You should move on

Try to trade him if you want, but cut him if no takers–in your standard 10 or 12-team FF-redraft league, there is no reason to keep Vereen hogging up roster space for 10 weeks. At some point, you are going to want to gamble on a player, and/or you will have a true burning need for something, and you will almost be forced at some point to make this move–so you might as well make it now. It’s a painful, quickie divorce, but it must happen.

Do you think ten weeks of football is going to unfold, and Vereen is going to walk in Week-11/12 and rush for 100+ and catch for 50+ again, while the players who carried the Pats for the past 10 weeks just sit idly by? I’m not betting on that. If you kept Vereen for that whole time, you’d be suspect of starting him in Week-11/12. If that would be the case, then you are almost into the FF-playoff period by the time you might get soemthing from Vereen.

You have to get into the playoffs first, and you are not going to do carrying the dead weight of Vereen around.

Try to acquire him back later, but by Week-12, your roster will look like some unusual gumbo heading into the FF-playoffs anyway, so get used to different players carrying your butt down the stretch. Don’t get married to Vereen. It was a one-night stand, that we will recall fondly–let’s leave it at that. 


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