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2012 NFL Draft Prospect Research Reports — Melvin Ingram, Bruce Irvin


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2012 NFL Draft Research Report: OLB Melvin Ingram, South Carolina

Melvin Ingram is in the top 15-20 overall of most every mainstream media mock draft at the moment, and likely he will by selected that high in reality. Our computer sees some of the talent-factors of why many are high on Ingram, but it also sees red-flags concerning Ingram as an NFL OLB or DE. To see why we would advise not to select Melvin Ingram in the 1st-round of the 2012 NFL Draft…



 2012 NFL Draft Research Report: OLB Bruce Irvin, West Virginia

Bruce Irvin is stuck in the middle of road right now in the mainstream mock drafts. Most will recognize Irvin as a 1st-round talent, with off-field issues that could force him out of the draft. The mainstream compromise of talent versus character is calling Bruce Irvin a 2nd-3rd round draft projection. We think there is a definitive way to go with this immense talent when you look at his NFL-comparables. To see which NFL OLBs we are strongly comparing Bruce Irvin to, and why that is critical in his draft status analysis…


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