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49ers UDFA signings — Tyler Beiler, Dontavia Bogan, Joe Hastings, Jeremiah Masoli, Chris Hogan


*2011 Fantasy Football Draft Guide, Dynasty League Rookie Draft

The 49ers inked 4 WRs, which is a huge area of need for them. Among the WR group brought in, we see one semi-interesting WR prospect…and one really unique WR prospect to take note of.

Tyler Beiler, Bridgewater – WR (5’11, 190)

Beiler is an interesting small-WR/possession-WR prospect. Beiler tested fast as his pro-day (4.38 40-yard dash), with OK agility metrics, a nice bench press and a great vertical. Overall, Beiler is very athletic. Beiler was very good at Bridgewater College…but not jaw-dropping (as you would hope for a gem hiding at he lower levels). In 10 games last year, Beiler had 46 rec, 843 yards, 9 TDs. He is probably a “grinder” prospect at best…scrapping his way onto a NFL roster maybe; but not a massive upside superstar NFL WR projection.

Dontavia Bogan, South Florida – WR (6’0, 192)

Bogan had mediocre statsitical ouput in college (best season 46 rec, 673 yds, 6 TDs), and is a lukewarm prospect physically — OK speed, mediocre agility, OK strength and mild vertical. Bogan is not a high-upside Fantasy Football prospect.

Joe Hastings, Washburn – WR (5’11, 190)

A high performer at a low-level college division — Hastings had 87 receptions and 1,546  yards last season. Hastings has decent WR skills, but measured weaker for physical skills translating to the NFL. Hastings tested with good speed, OK agility, with a lower bench press/strength. He could work his way onto a NFL roster, but not a big upside talent for Fantasy Football.

Jeremiah Masoli, Ole Miss – QB/RB (5’11, 225)

No way Masoli is a serious NFL QB prospect, but physically he profiles as a potential solid power-RB. Masoli is a big-framed runner with decent speed, but very good agility for his big size. I’ve watched him on a tape a few times, always seems like a very stiff runner…he did not conjure up images of a NFL-level high-upside runner. According to our computer profile, the power-RB possibility exists…but it’s a long-shot.

Chris Hogan, Monmouth – WR/FB (6’1, 221)

This is the 49ers UDFA prospect to watch. Hogan is a former all-conference Lacrosse player at Penn State, who transferred to Monmouth and played as a WR for them last season. Hogan had very non-atention getting performance in his first effort as a college football player, with 12 receptions, 147 yards and 3 TDs last season in 11 games. Where Hogan gets exciting, is his physical skills and tools for his size…

Hogan is 6’1, 221 and runs a 4.50 40-yard with great agility metrics (measured at his pro-day). On top of the nice size and speed, Hogan has a massive bench press/strength metric along with a nice vertical as well. Hogan as an athlete is a serious NFL prospect…the question is at what position? It could be as a developmental WR, or could actually be as a power-RB…or he could just be a monster special teamer. Hogan has the physical measurable that you should keep an interest in. Hogan is likely too long term for a Fantasy Football Dynasty rookie draft.


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