Fantasy Football Metrics


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RE POST FROM EARLIER SEPT. PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING UP TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR YOU!!! Welcome to the new website for In-season 2017 (link given below)!!! We’re about 95% done with the foundation and design of our new site/future home of FFM (and CFM), tweaking as we go still. We couldn’t get the football season […].. Continue reading→


Twitter @FFMetrics *This is a 6,000+ word monster, so plan accordingly… *Re-post from July The Case FOR Tyreek Hill For Fantasy 2017 (And Is The NFL About To Change As We Know It?) The #1 topic I’m dealing with this early preseason is how to properly value Tyreek Hill for fantasy football 2017…and for dynasty long term. […].. Continue reading→


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Fantasy Football Metrics