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Twitter @FFMetrics I don’t know if I would like Mike Tomlin if we sat down and had a root beer together. Terry Bradshaw called him a cheerleader…not a real coach (intimated). I don’t know that any of us consider Mike Tomlin’s name whenever a subject of best coaches in the NFL comes up. For whatever reason football society has decided Tomlin […].. Continue reading→


Twitter @FFMetrics Every day (might skip a day here or there) this month (and into February if needed), I’m going to take a quick look at the 2017 schedule for each team and make some knee-jerk commentary. We know the teams at this point, but we don’t know the layout…nor do we know what will […].. Continue reading→


Twitter @FFMetrics Two things just scream out to me about this game. One of them I’ve mentioned more than a few times this season. The other happened within this game, and kind of got lost in the aftermath. The first thing, the repetitive thing, I want to discuss – it’s quite possible Eddie Lacy is […].. Continue reading→


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Fantasy Football Metrics