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By R.C. Fischer
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Introducing College Football Metrics

After many final tweaks, we have opened our new college football prospect scouting website to the public!

College Football is a simple website that will store all of our 2012 NFL Draft statistical ratings for the prospects in this draft class, as well as detailed long-form report-outs on all the prospects that our computer formulas are keying on in its analysis and modeling. Our new site is a subscription-based access, and all of our 2012 NFL Draft scouting reports/information will be "in storage" on the site for all of 2012...for your research and review at any time post-draft/mid-season etc.

We rank players based on a computer formula/algorithm for each position based on all the historical data that we have, and formulas that we have devised. We take a Moneyball approach to the scouting process...scouting players heavily by data -- physical measureables, college output, historical modeling. Instead of a long-winded explanation on what our reports are all about, the best example we can give of the work that we to have you go check out the College Football home page to see examples of prospect reports that we have produced in 2011 and a few samples of QB reports we have released for free in 2012.

The world does not need another website, reporter, and/or scout to tell you that some version of Luck-Griffin-Kalil-Blackmon-Claiborne-Richardson-Coples are going to be among the top 5-7 players taken in the 2012 NFL Draft. If you are interested in arguing about what the actual order of the "anointed" top-5 players taken will be, there are many other websites to enjoy. Our statistical scouting website is on a quest to find future NFL elites, to unearth the hidden gems, and to identify the probable highly-touted prospects that our computer programs think will bust. We are not beholden to conventional scouting, or media group-think...and our 2011 work has proven that.

We cannot make a full determination in our prospect algorithms until the NFL Combine data is in, but looking at some of the early data...I'm not so sure that Matt Kalil and Morris Claiborne are the top prospective NFL players at their respective positions for the 2012 NFL Draft, nor am I convinced that Justin Blackmon is the best NFL WR prospect in this draft. They may be, but what I see so's not a slam dunk in our system. Once we have the full data, we will lay out the statistical case (if there is one to be made) for why our computer models might hold contrarian views on the "mainstream" NFL Draft media's top prospects.

We are in the early stages of reporting out on players on our new site. Currently, there are 15+ individual QB reports on prospects that we saw as having potential, and/or were of interest. As the days/weeks move on...we will be adding more QB research reports. As well, we will update the QB rankings once the data comes in on some key physical measureables we need...and especially as the Wonderlic scores become public/trustworthy.

Our RB-WR-TE, O-Line and Defensive player reports cannot be fully scored/rated until the NFL Combine (or Pro-Day for some) data is completed. We will be pumping out research reports on all non-QB reports as fast as we complete them...all the way up to April and beyond. Not only will we be doing long-form report outs on all the positions, we will have overall rankings, draft theory/history articles...anything we do for the 2012 NFL Draft, is going to go into our new website holding tank.

Instead of waiting until late-March to produce all the player reports at one time, we are opening this up early so folks can follow along as our reports drop in...and interesting discoveries are made. We envision this website having reports and data sprinkling in, and/or flooding in, all throughout the 2012 NFL Draft process.

Our NFL Draft information and reports will not end with the actual NFL Draft in April. Post-draft we will have analysis on grading the teams, as well as producing ranking lists/theory for Dynasty League Fantasy Football owners to prep for their 2012 Rookie Drafts.

We hope that you enjoy this new concept, and find it useful and actionable. It will definitely be a different type of analysis than you will see in the mainstream...


By R.C. Fischer
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