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Fantasy Football Metrics:  Draft Guide

Fantasy Football Metrics is a concept designed around the "Moneyball" philosophy; the idea of studying and developing Metrics to uncover hidden value and opportunity in putting a Fantasy Football team together. If you want to hear that all the top players from last year, are magically the best options for this year won't enjoy our analysis.

We are an alternative to the mainstream media-hype and groupthink for Fantasy Football. We are businessmen and statisticians (and passionate Fantasy/Football fans) coming together to find a mathematical / statistical edge within Fantasy Football. You can't watch every game, or know every player's background; we couldn't either, so we build computer models to tell us about these players based on performance and measurables from college to the pros.


Fantasy Football Draft Guide

Our draft guide was designed to be an "anti-magazine." Since magazine draft guide data is two-to-four weeks old by the time it hits the marketplace, our desire is to have the latest information out ahead of any magazine or website.

When you purchase our draft guide, you are not merely getting a one-time snapshot in time, you are receiving live access to our updates right up to the season's kickoff.

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Fantasy Weekly Projections

We'll bring you scoring data, stats, rankings, research, trending and metrics every week throughout the Fantasy Football season to help assist in the weekly decision making process and gain an statistical edge over your competition.

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NFL Game Recaps

One of our most popular features we have is our Preseason and Regular Season Game Recaps with a Fantasy Football angle. We watch every game, every week, and report back on every game as to what pertinent Fantasy Football items we witnessed - we go deeper than the obvious.

We discuss hidden moments from the game, the lesser-known players making a move, etc. It's hard to put it into words; We would just encourage you to go onto our website, enter into the blog area, and click on a team of interest, and scroll back through 2013 to see the various Week-by-Week Fantasy Football game recaps, etc. You'll be hooked once you do.

It is the best spend of internet time you will have during the football season, whether killing time pretending to do your job at your workplace or just taking an extended break on the toilet. Trust us.

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Mock Draft

You've heard of "speed dating", well this is "speed Fantasy Football Mock Drafting".

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Fantasy Football Metrics