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What makes our Draft Guides Unique?

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  • "Ever-Refreshing data" for the entire preseason. It's not like a magazine written 30-60 days ago, with stale/out-of-date information by the time you get it. We update the Draft Guide's info as player situations change, via trade, release, injury, training camp scouting we conduct, or info we hear from training camps sources, etc. We then update a particular player and/or all the players affected by the change. We'll post a list of what players have been updated for your convenience on our website, as changes are made. 

2010 Fantasy Football Draft Guide

  • Instant Download.  Free Updates.  Your download link will work right up to the NFL season start.  So you can come in and download our most current version of the draft guide and cheat sheet at any time, as many times as you want. 

  • Fantasy Football Metrics is a concept designed around the "Moneyball" philosophy; the idea of studying and developing Metrics to uncover hidden value and opportunity in putting a Fantasy Football team together. If you want to hear that all the top players from last year, are magically the best for this year won't enjoy our analysis.

  • We are an alternative to the media-hype, highlights, and "group think" of Fantasy Football. We are businessman and statisticians (and passionate Fantasy/Football fans) coming together to find a mathematical/statistical edge within Fantasy Football. No silly testimonials on how everyone here, and every client we have, has won every league they've even been in. We are looking for an alternative edge that is more often right than wrong, and which pushes the odds in our favor.

    Information on all of these issues, and much more, are included in our Draft Guide "The Big Board". Over 400+ Fantasy Football player profiles and analysis, with individual player schedules, ranked by projected previous-year Points Per Game by player, previous year stats by player, and more.

  • $17.99 is a lot for a Fantasy Football Draft Guide?

    In reality, it is a bargain. I don't mean that to be cute. We are going to evaluate and write up 500+ players in our draft guide. It is a 150-200 page book in reality. Not only are there hours of reading and entertainment to be enjoyed, but the "book" keeps updating itself -- a constant scouting report delivered to your doorstep. There are hours and hours of usefulness and entertainment to be had. In addition, you are not doing this for your health -- you are trying to win something, no? Whether for pride and/or monetary gain the guide is an investment to play the game with more (and different) information.

    Not only is this draft guide designed to be a snapshot for the upcoming season, but it was also created to be a bible to refer back to during the season -- we are writing up 200+ WRs, 150+ RBs, and 100+ TEs, and 50+ QBs with the purpose of evaluating players when the inevitable injury hits and lesser-known players start to emerge. Our draft guide treats Adrian Peterson and his teammate WR Greg Childs with the same passion and analysis. We do not just note the lesser-known players, or write a 10-word blurb analysis...we analyze them like all the other Fantasy Football players -- discussing current and long-term possibilities.

    What we won't do -- is guarantee you are going to "dominate" your Fantasy league. You will never see: John D. from New York says, "Fantasy Football Metrics helped me win all my leagues." Fantasy Football testimonials make my skin crawl.  We have literally over a million words written on our website for you to access. We publish free projections each week during the season. We sell two products: a Fantasy Football Draft Guide, and a College Football/NFL Draft Scouting website service. We are on the record. You can see for yourself what we are all about and the approach we are taking.

    Fantasy Football is a game; you are statistically not going to win the championship in, no matter how great your team is. The smart money is to take the "field" (the other 9 to 11+ teams in your league) versus you to win the title. We guarantee nothing. What we would guarantee is -- you will not find this style of information and player analysis anywhere else. Our passion is player analysis, finding and identifying talent (or busts) ahead of the mainstream, and using this information to help push more odds in your favor in this game we all love.

    Even if all our draft guide projections suck's still pretty entertaining. Cheaper than dinner out or a movie for two...especially considering you will have more than two hours of enjoyment. Plus, it keeps updating throughout the preseason for bonus material...even better than a "DVD extra"!

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Fantasy Football Draft Guide and Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football News and Notes

Fantasy Football Metrics Analysis
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